Please note that although still maintaining an active collection of email lists, the Forum does not currently function as may be indicated within the following pages.  This site represents the status of the Forum as of 1999 and is maintained here, in the current format, for historical reference.
Martyn Bailey - 20th October 2004

Established in 1995 the Network Users' Forum is the way to keep in touch with what is happening on-line in South Yorkshire.

Join the Forum to build an intelligent network of people and information that will help you and your organisation get the most from information communications technologies.

Forum membership is FREE and entitles you to access to range of 'Networking On-line' services. Networking On-line is a new way of working that will affect and improve
  • your career prospects
  • your ability to help build businesses in an Internet world
  • your awareness of all that is new and likely to impact on your work through take up of new technologies

The Network Users' Forum can help introduce you to this new way of working, which will affect everyone working today.

See what our enthusiastic members have to say about the Forum and its benefits.

By joining us, you will develop your capacity to exploit the network economy. The Forum can help you develop your skills, with services tailored to your needs and to the future of the Internet.

If you join now for free, you will be able to get

  • Subscriptions to the main Forum email discussion list
  • Optional subscriptions to more specialist discussion lists
  • Access to the Forumís membership scheme for providers of Internet-related services, regulated by our Code of Practice
  • Telerise/Network Usersí Forum newsletter

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