Here, in no particular order (actually the date they were submitted!), are some of the comments NUF has received from its members:

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CITINET is pleased to give its support to the Network Users Forum. It plays a really useful role in bringing people together to solve each others problems. The sharing of ideas and experience will be crucial to the development of CITINET , and we hope to work closely with NUF in the future.
Andy Wynne, CITINET

How could I NOT support this excellent organisation! I'm glad to seeing it continuing to develop. Verity Brack, University of Sheffield

I welcome the interest and progress that the Network Users’ Forum members are stimulating amongst local businesses in the potential for contributing to economic regeneration using ICT.
Robin Jeeps, Barnsley and Doncaster TEC

I have been actively involved in NUF activities since its inception and can wholeheartedly recommend participation in NUF activities to anyone working in or with an interest in the internet and related technologies. Keep up the good work!
Neil Smith, Fretwell-Downing Informatics

You have my admiration and support
Gerald Habershon

I have found Network Users Forum invaluable for keeping up to date with local developments
Pamela Hafekost, University of Sheffield

The snuf-l list is a very useful means of keeping abreast of problems and solutions
Robert Handley, Bradway Computer Services Ltd

The Network Users Forum has continued to provide a valuable service to local IT companies in South Yorkshire since its inception.

In addition to organising events and providing advice services,it is an extremely useful discussion area where experiences can be shared and discussed with like-minded individuals/companies.

I look forward to seeing the association continuing to develop its services with the resources at its disposal.
Charles Potter, Alexander Seven Marketing Company Ltd

The Network Users' Forum provides an excellent service to its members. I value particularly the generosity with which members share ideas and experience. I also think it is an excellent way of keeping in touch with local I&CT; issues and developments.
Jools Duggleby

The support and expertise available from the Network Users Forum has helped our organisation to develop its contacts with the city and the world!
David Gray, Heeley City Farm

NUF has been a valuable source of information and network-building. Long may it continue!
Nick Robinson

I have been a member of the Network Users' Forum since its inception, and have found involvement to be beneficial in several ways. I wish the organisation continued success for the future, and can confirm that GB IT Services will continue to support and help its development whenever possible.
Graham Bagshaw, GB IT Services (Gbits)

Keep up the good work!

Your help support over the past 3 years has been invaluable.
DART, WEA Yorkshire South District

The pace of technical change within ICT is still increasing, as it increases the ability of any one organisation to track and manage change diminishes. In joining a group such as this the combined experience of partners contributes significantly in the change management process.
Richard Moore, the Sheffield College

I would like to express my support for the Network Users Forum and the excellent work it has done over the last couple of years. The email group is an valuable source of news about local events and developments, and also provides a source of technical support for issues which affect experienced and novice network users.

It is with some regret that I have been unable to attend meetings in person for the last 18 months, but the program has been active and interesting.
Kath O'Donovan

The Network users forum has proved a valuable resource whenever we need to achieve something a little adrift from the standard or "default" usage. It is also very helpful with "foresight" of upcoming developments in these technologies, something which as a part of small company I would not normally have the time, resources or contacts to do with any degree of reliability or completeness.
I.Fielden, Institute of Spring Technology

NUF is an excellent initiative which is the envy of many other areas. Keep up the good work!
Jonathan Armstrong

I have found the Network Users Forum to be an invaluable information resource which is all the more valuable because the constructive contributions are supplied voluntarily. Long may it continue :)
Wendy Jervis, The Net Effect (Worldwide) Ltd

With advice and views on all issues from global IT strategy to local web gossip, it's a must.
Simon Evans, Sheffield Live Arts Trust

The Forum provides a lot of potentially interesting comment and opinions
Ron Foster, Webcare Internet Services

Million supports the Network Users' Forum in helping individuals and businesses benefit from global connectivity.
Jerry Lampson, Million

This forum is an example of community building and internet usage where the whole is truly greater than the sum of its parts.
Vikki Appleton

NTP provides a Contract Management service aimed at easing the administrative burden of providing Vocational Training in Britain. Initiatives such as NUF provide a valuable soft information resource for people involved in the training industry, and consequently have our best wishes for their endeavours.
Ricky Kay, NTP Limited

I wish to give my wholehearded support and backing for the Network Users' Forum and its services for business, individuals and the community. It has an essential and key role to play in linking our communities of interest, the wider community to which we all belong and the new ways of working that will dominate the new millennium and which we all must master if we are to benefit from the opportunities that will present themselves in the future.

I only wish that more people would take advantage of this outstanding initative.
John Bramall, John Bramall Associates

The Network Users’ Forum is an excellent source of news about computer use and networking in the Sheffield area.
Rob Hindle, Web Technik Ltd